Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer Project – Deus EX

Triumph Bonneville cafe racer build from Deus Ex

Nothing screams cafe racer louder than the Triumph Deus X Bonneville!

The Triumph Bonneville is the favorite bike to customize for cafe racers mainly for its power and a wide range of options in terms of customizability.

But how do you bring something old back and still make it relevant to this time and age?

Starting out with the Triumph Bonneville 900 in its stock form, carefully remove all of the non-essential parts and create a slimmer profile.

The Triumph Bonneville 900 is a powerful bike on its own right without any active modifications done. So you have the power now all you need is to match all that power with a no-frills look.

Dubbed “The Inlander” this custom bike is very popular among celebrities as it offers a great ride and doesn’t call for unwanted attention.

Although this bike strives to maintain an incognito profile, it is a beautiful vehicle to behold.

Most of the customization done on this bike was to increase the power delivered by the stock engine.

So, reboring it and changing the camshafts to high compression high lifts is a standard operating procedure for this Triumph Bonneville cafe racer build.

Perhaps the most noticeable change from stock to highly modified for the Triumph Deus X Bonneville is the two in one pipe which gives it an interesting asymmetrical look.

To complete the look, this bike is adorned with high-quality tan leather to cushion the rider’s butt. And they also included two beautiful saddles to give it that “road warrior” look.


Below other stunnings of this Triumph Bonneville cafe racer build from Deus Ex Machina.