Laverda Cafe Racer Project – Laverda 3CL by Wolf Custom

This Laverda cafe racer project from Wolf Custom is the result that you get if you have a team of bike specialists and a good plan.

The result is a bike that has all the classic stylings of a cafe racer without going over the top with their futuristic approach to the creation of this bike.


At first glance, you’ll know that this isn’t your regular bike. Upon further inspection, you’ll begin to see where this bike draws inspiration from.

Check out the front fairings and you’ll immediately have a fair idea of how this concept was taken from the classic Bonneville bikes.


The Laverda cafe racer project from Wolf Custom is based off of the Laverda 3CL from 1982.

The only thing that has remained original on the Laverda is the engine itself.

All the rest are either custom made or taken from regular donor bikes like the Ducati.

As expected, the rear swing arm was replaced with a Ducati.

The bike frame has received a considerable amount of modification to house the powerful engine as well as make enough room for the rear swingarm.

This is then topped off with the custom-built gas tank and seats.

A lot of thought went into creating an uninterrupted flow to enhance the bike’s sporty look.

What truly gives this bike the cafe racer look is the cowling or half cowling upfront.

The low level at which it is placed may seem to make it impractical but it adds to the coolness factor of the bike.

The orange stripe running from the gas tank to the tail on this chrome all chrome-colored bike provides the kicker to the racing look!