Look Cool, Stay Safe, Wear Cafe Racer Goggles Just Like Steve McQueen

Look Cool, Stay Safe, Wear Cafe Racer Goggles Just Like Steve McQueen

Admit it! If you’re a biker, chances are you fancy Steve McQueen’s style!

Don’t worry, every biker goes through that phase.

And what better way is there to pay homage to the original daredevil than to wear cafe racer goggles just like he did?

He may have acted like a Wildman on two wheels but he never disregarded any thought to his safety while performing all those stunts!

But let’s say you’re not sold on the idea yet because you

(1) either don’t believe in the Steve McQueen hype or

(2) you simply think wearing Cafe Racer Goggles is beneath you.

Why don’t we go into the many benefits you can derive from wearing Caferacer Goggles and then you can take it from there.

First, motorcycle goggles came out of necessity.

When you’re riding down the highway at high speeds, chances are you’re going to take some hits to your face from insects and other flying debris. You don’t want any of those things going into your eyes! A quick solution is to wear protective eyewear.

Another good reason to always wear cafe racer glasses when you’re riding your bike is to keep the harmful rays of the sun out of your eyes.

With the current climate we’re experiencing, UV rays from the sun have increased in intensity and could lead to eventual eye damage if you continue to expose them needlessly to too much glare.

Cafe racers like to tour around the country side with other like minded individuals. Say, you’re out on a ride with a couple of pals, you’re position in the group is not going to be a static position.

You’ll either be ahead or behind someone at any given time.

Either way, there’s still a huge chance of getting smoke in your eyes from the exhaust pipes of other vehicles on the road. The smoke can sting your eyes leading to impaired vision and therefore compromising your ability to drive down the road.


Now, where would you get these cafe racer goggles?

Well, here are some online sellers that can provide you with the protection you need for your eyes at amazing prices.

You’ll have to hurry though because these things are flying off the shelves as we speak and there are only a few stocks left to offer.


Vintage motorcycle goggles AF193 by Bertoni

If you live in a foggy area, these goggles should help you navigate through safely. And if the inevitable does happen, at least you’ll still look cool as you dust yourself off and pick your bike up to get moving again!

These vintage goggles come from Bertoni Eyewear and are great examples of excellent Italian workmanship!

Vintage motorcycle goggles AF190 by Bertoni

Below another model from Bertoni

Vintage Studded motorcycle goggles 7543 by Nannini

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious or a little bit fancier than what’s normally offered on the market, then you can get these great cafe racer goggles from Nannini. These cafe racer aviator goggles come with UV protection and look cool to boot!

Now, who says you can’t look good while wearing protective eye wear?

Make sure you wear your cafe racer goggles and get your inner Steve McQueen out when you thunder down the road!