Cafe Racer Gloves: Maximize Your Motorbike Driving Experience!

Cafe Racer Gloves: Maximize Your Motorbike Driving Experience!

Safety should always be the highest priority for any motorcycle rider. That’s why cafe racer gloves have to be part of your basic safety equipment if you’re planning to go on a ride.

It’s a known fact that everyone has to take a fall at one point or another at least once in their lives. This is also true if you’re a cafe racer rider.

Now, not all falls are bad, you could simply fall over as you’re mounting your bike. Still, that’s a fall, and chances are you’re not going to get up unscathed.

And, if you’ve ever fallen off your bike, chances are you used your hands to cushion your fall.

Motorcycle Gloves should always be a part of a rider’s safety gear. But these things don’t have to look plain just because they serve a safety purpose. In fact, cafe racer gloves should look cool at all times so that more people use them.

So now you have something to wear that not only gives you a good grip on your bike, protects your hands from injury, helps keep you warm but it also looks cool!


To achieve great control of your bike, having a good grip on the throttle bars is surely the best reason to wear cafe racer gloves. Just remember, you’re operating a high-powered machine and you need to make sure that you’re on top of things at all times.

Caferacer gloves are available in various shapes and sizes with different features to accommodate the needs of riders any time they decide to go for a ride.

The most important thing is that it is able to protect the entire hand. But then again, there are some people who prefer to wear gloves with their fingers exposed.

Black Brand Vintage Knuckle Shorty gloves


It looks cool, but it takes a little away from the over-all protection guarantee that gloves are supposed to provide.

This is the case of the Black Brand Vintage Knuckle Shorty gloves


Still, it looks cool. So, if you want full protection, go for closed gloves. If you’re a more confident driver and looks are more important than safety, then you can go for those gloves with the fingers exposed.


Cafe Racer Gloves on the Market

There are various brands offered on the market now. If you go online, you’ll see that there is a stiff competition of selling motorcycle gloves among these manufacturers. This leads to the creation of the highest quality of cafe gloves with a lot of very different and useful features.

In the end, this has created a very exciting market for cafe racer gloves and you can pick the best one that suits your taste and style.

Here are some of the top brands in the market today:


River Road Outlaw Vintage Gloves

These brands offers high quality safety features that can also go with any person’s preference and style.

Not only do these gloves look great but they also guarantee your safety and allow you to have maximum control over your bike.

So, go online and grab a pair now!


Image by Neil Moralee