Cafe racer headlight options for your project

Are you tired of feeling like Ichabod Crane trying to keep dim lit candle inside a fogged up busted ass glass case searching for the next hump in the road whiles’t running from the Headless Horseman? So I am.

So I took time to gather and find some quality classic head lamp assemblies for your cafe racer which will not only add a unique personality to it but also reflect the era, environment and the owner of the bike. You need to find cafe racer headlights that fuse perfectly to your bike with absolute aesthetic perfection!

As a motorcyclist, vision should be your most important consideration when designing your cafe racer. If you can’t see where you are going, then it would be dangerous to stay on the road. It is important to see the hazards ahead to help you make evasive action. Truth be told. The human is not adapted to nighttime vision. It is prone to being affected by alcohol and carbon monoxide. It takes several minutes to adjust from very bright light to dim light. This is evidenced to what happens when your photograph is taken with a flash. You are momentarily blinded until your eyes can adjust. For this reason, your cafe racer should have a headlamp that will illuminate your path while riding your bike. At the same time, it should not compromise style and comfort.

What are some of the options to consider for a headlight when designing your cafe racer?

Well, there are many cafe racer headlight designs for your cafe racer. These designs differ in style and functionality. However, they are designed to achieve a common goal… illuminate the road. They are fairly straight forward. Three beams are used in the designs. There is the Hi beam, the Lo beam and the ground.

Below few of the many Cafe Racer Headlight Design available on the market with corresponding application

You can decide to use grounding wires or not. There are headlights designs that have only two led. When you come across such headlamps, one of the led is Hi and the other is Lo and it’s grounded through the body as this is very common.

As you venture into choosing the perfect design for your cafe racer head light, it is always advisable that you buy headlights with H4 bulbs. H3 bulbs tend to be dim and sometimes useless.

When you settle for Japanese lights, you will realize that they mount with 2 clamps that mount to the forks and then to the light. On the other hand you will find one central mount. In other light take for instance the Harley Davidson parts, they tend to have only one central mount.

Cafe headlight designs vary as I alluded to. They differ both in designs and prices. For instance, the Japanese round headlights described above can be picked for $30. If you don’t like the look and you want your cafe headlight to look like a HD head light then you will have to dig deeper into your pockets and part ways with a few more bucks which can range from $100 up to $600.

Use your creativity! Look what you can do with multiple spot led headlight…check it out!

You can make a cafe style headlight at home that suits your cafe racer project in just a few steps; and you can do so using your stock headlight! One such Idea is to make a yellow headlight using a yellow Lens Spray Paint that is mostly used for cars. You can also use yellow headlight foil.

Isn’t it a puzzling occurrence why you sometimes see an X on some cafe racer headlight?

Perhaps you are filled with admiration to this design. However, you could be wondering why this practice is done. Well, it is an old school thing the old cafe racers practiced for days on the track. Whenever a motorcyclist was in a race, it was a practice to either remove the headlight or to put a tape on it as a measure to protect the headlight from shattering in case you crashed. This, of course was back in the days when headlamps were made of glass.

But today glass is tempered and therefore if it does actually shatter, it breaks off into dull pieces, regardless of any tape.

The headlight with grill was used for the same reason other than a great look.

Now is the time to kick those rusty ola top fork ears with dingy reflectors for a set of real headlight brackets! Get a design that will add pride to your cafe race and uniquely blend with your style.

Let your night rides be coupled with great beams to light your way comfortably.