The Rise in Popularity of Moped Cafe Racer in Modern Society

Cafe Racers live by a simple rule:

Build it and drive it fast

But is that motto applicable to Moped Cafe Racers?

It apparently is. Moped Cafe Racers may not be as fast as the 400cc cafe racers we see but they do exude the same attitude.

And it seems like this trend is catching up!

Nowadays, there are over a hundred moped cafe racer cliques all over the world and they’re pulling in a lot of people in the younger generation with their popularity.

But why would someone opt for these slow, tiny machines instead of getting a proper bike to build?

The answer is pretty simple. It’s a matter of economics.

First off, the standard moped is generally inexpensive.

For a quarter of the price of let’s say a Honda or a Yamaha, you can get a fully functional machine that you can essentially turn into a Moped Cafe Racer.

At this price point, it is pretty easy for the younger generation to afford these vehicles without breaking the bank.

With the money saved from purchasing a cheaper motorcycle, a lot of the leftover funds can then be put into modifications.

What usually happens is the entire bike is stripped down to the frame and transformed into a fully functional cafe racer albeit in a smaller form.

The most obvious modification that happens with moped cafe racers is swapping out the rear end to accommodate a proper rear axle to accommodate the slightly bigger tires for proper grip control.

 Cafe Racer Moped

Up front, the forks are pulled into the bike to give it that proper cafe racer look. This is usually the most expensive modification as some cutting and welding is involved to change the front end before swapping out the forks.


The next most expensive modification that happens is upgrading the engine to make it more powerful.

This usually involves an engine swap or a simple reboring of the cylinders. This can essentially increase the standard horsepower so it can catch up to the big boys when they’re out riding.


Tailpipes usually get swapped out too since the little peashooters that come standard with these bikes look a bit too puny. And, if you do modify the engine, the need for installing proper tailpipes is in order.

Last but not the least: swap out the tires and change the gas tank to give it a more traditional cafe racer look.

So what’s it like riding a moped cafe racer?

Well, the ride’s a bit different basically because you’re a bit limited with the options you can use to upgrade these machines but it can take you from point A to point B without any issues.

And if you keep it within a reasonable speed, your cafe racer moped should be able to give you the right amount of thrills at a quarter of the price you’d pay for a standard sized cafe racer.

And don’t even think about making room for a passenger because these bikes are tiny! You’re better off riding it solo.

If they really want to experience what it’s like riding a Cafe Moped, you can turn them on to the culture and now you’ll have a riding buddy that you can probably start a small clique within your area!

Images by Wouldpkr T B and Simon King