6 Reasons to have a Cafe Racer Motorcycle

6 Reasons to have a Cafe Racer Motorcycle

Cafe Racer bikes have been steadily rising cultural phenomenon which we now see being resurrected in the motor airways of Europe. A lot of the bikes being made both custom and factory are starting to return back to its former designs using classic bike engines and parts. If you are planning to purchase your own bike or plan to return to the scene of riding bikes for the fun of it, you should consider looking into the many Cafe Racer motorcycle design.

The question you may be asking is “Why?” Of all the kinds of motorcycles, cafe racers are older by design and will require a certain level of commitment and dedication. Yet despite the hard work needed, here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a Cafe Project Bike.

1. Affordable

One of the simplest reason why you should consider it is due to the affordable price in purchasing, building and maintaining a cafe racer motorbike.

Modern day motorcycles consist of top tier techs and gizmos which greatly makes it expensive. If a part is damaged, due to complex nature of it, you may be required to repair or replace it at high cost. Worst still, some parts require total replacement when damaged and could cost you a lot. A cafe racer bike comprise of classic and retro parts. This makes it easy to maintain as simple tools are needed and if you are not good with repairs, you can look through a long list of videos and tips on the maintenance in YouTube as a typical cafe racer motorcycles built with custom designs. So instead of cashing out to something expensive and new, you get to build your own bike that can go fast speeds with a handful of common tools.

2. Unique

As there are not many designs of cafe racers that are factory produced, owning a cafe racer would provide a sense of uniqueness to the owner. Since the bikes are mostly custom made, if you build or assemble your own cafe , you would have a bike that is one of a kind. It allows you to be different from the rest and will have a lot of eyes examine your bike as it is parked or even as you ride it. Having a one of a kind ride will provide you a sense of being different than the rest. The uniqueness could even represent you and your very own unique self!

3. Best Riding Experience

A lot of motorcycle enthusiast and cafe racers will always say that the factory produced bikes of today has no “soul” in it. It just doesn’t feel right and is not fun to ride on. This is because technology has allowed manufacturers to use parts that provide the smoothest run and the lack of noise for the rider. It also covers the tanks sealing up the smell of oil and gas. This however led to a diminished fun experience of riding a bike. Making a cafe racer style bike allows you to experience the best driving experience as you feel the vibration of the machine and the smell of the oil and gas as you run through the road ahead of you. By resurrecting these old feels, the ride will be much more fun as you can “feel” your machine.

Aside from the feel, there is one more factor that may interest any bike enthusiast. Cafe Racer bikes are all about the speed. Reaching a 100 mile per hour speed was the goal of cafe racers and with the increase of speed, the better the ridding experience.

4. Fun

Owning a cafe racer motorcycle provides you with a very fun experience. From the assembling, owning to the riding of it, it can provide you with a very interesting hobby. The riding experience itself is a fun hobby but with a cafe racer motorcycle it also will allow you to participate in yet another hobby. Racing amongst fellow cafe racers is one of the best joys of owning a cafe racer machine. cafe racers is all about the speed. Racing enthusiast who wants to prove their mettle in the road are all welcome to try.

You compete, you customize, you create and you hone your skills.

5. Timeless Machine

Take the example of cellphones. The more technologically advance it is, the more fragile it becomes. Back in the good old days, motorcycles were built with parts that were old yet very powerful. Cafe racer motorcycles may be timeless in its structural form that is powerful. It can be used as the time advances as the parts are easily replaceable and can easily be repaired. Owning one can allow you to use it for a long time.

6. Cool

Being cool could have never been more easily represented than having a unique, custom built bike that can run long distances in short time. This capability and accessory turns a normal person into a bad boy rebel.

Bikes are cool. Cafe Racer bikes are cooler.

Vanity may be a bad thing, but having it can transform a person. One of the best feeling is being admired and seen as a cool person. Let’s be honest, we all wanted to be cool. Cafe Racer bikes provides double that amount. If your bike can do the speed, and you beat another cafe racer in a race, makes it even cooler.

Cafe Racer Bikes may not be new, but it’s definitely cool, cheap and simply fun. This makes this bike a very ideal option. Rather than spending a lot of money on a new bike, get a cheaper one but twice the coolness. Reawaken the rider in you.

Images by jonno85uk and  Charles SEGUY